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Explore the world of spiritual mediumship and connect with the spirit realm. Discover powerful ideas to enhance your spiritual practice and gain insight from the other side.
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5 Things Mediums And Psychics Need To Know When I was starting down the path of mediumship and spirituality I had such an abundance of questions that even thinking about all I had to learn would get overwhelming! That is why today I am going to give you the 5 basic things all developing mediums, intuitives, energy sensitives, and empaths need to know! After that, I am even going to help you implement them! 1. Mediumship is not for entertainment, it’s for healing. All of this work that we do…

Tess Sidhu
“Spirituality For Beginners”. A text box explains that spirituality is experiencing whatever is beyond the physical, and improves every aspect of life. A table of information details where to start with spirituality. By inwardly stating “I experience my psychic abilities now” with firm intention, you can begin to perceive the spiritual. The table then advises: 1. intending to improve psychically, 2. perceiving the spiritual parts of you, and 3. removing artificialities within these parts. Inspiration, Chakras, Body, Care, Life, Work, True, Salud, Infographic

Spirituality doesn’t have to be confusing! This infographic gives spirituality for beginners tips, including a simplified definition of spirituality & easy psychic development exercises. Improving your perception is the best way to start a spiritual journey, since it’s the basis for more advanced techniques, & means you can see whether second-hand spiritual information is actually true. As this is spirituality for beginners, the exercises are simply intention & visualisation. #spirituality

Connie Kassem