Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home with these stylish and creative spindle ideas. Discover how to incorporate spindles into your decor for a unique and eye-catching look.
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Choosing a spindle is really a two-part process. You'll want to know about the spindles, the different types, how they work in general, and what kinds of yarn they're useful for. Then, you'll want to consider your spinning needs, desires, and style. We have some good questions to ask yourself so you can figure all that out.

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These are the common parts found on a traditional spinning wheel. The arrangement of these parts may vary from wheel to wheel. A. Fly Wheel – The wheel that rotates when treadling and causes the other various parts to operate. B. Drive Band – A cord that goes around the fly wheel and the flyer whorl. C. Flyer – A U-shaped piece of wood with hooks lined up on one or both arms. The hooks are used to store the yarn evenly on the bobbin. The flyer is rotated by the drive band which as a result…

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When you unite the spindle stick and removable whorl, you'll have to ponder where the whorl will fit best. Many spindle sticks have their tapered ends at the bottom. This is where the whorl will slide on. I suggest using a tiny hair rubber band to fix below the whorl to 'encourage' the whorl to stay in place. Whorls with tapered holes should be firmly jammed onto the bottom taper, but can still loosen in spinning mode. When they loosen they act rather like a curved ball, spinning out in a…