Spider repelling plants

Keep spiders away from your home with these natural spider repelling plants. Discover the top plants that are effective in deterring spiders and create a pest-free environment for your family.
This pin features two gorgeous low-maintenance houseplants, basil and lavender that are naturally bug repellent. The middle of the pin contains the post title " 10 Houseplants That Repel Bugs Naturally". Fruit, Plants, Nature, Herbs, House Plants, Beautiful, Beautiful Bedrooms, Creative Inspiration, Nature Decor

Welcome these 10 beautiful, low maintenance houseplants into your home to repel gnats, fruit flies, spiders, and other annoying pests in a natural way! This pin features indoor plants in a variety of sizes perfect for decorating living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and more. Not only do these plants keep bugs at bay, they also purify air and add a dose of greenery to your space. Decorate with nature’s repellents and say goodbye to annoying insects and spiders!