Speech language therapy

Enhance your communication skills with effective speech language therapy techniques. Discover top ideas to improve your speech and language abilities for better interaction and self-expression.
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Fun Playdough Activities that are great for toddlers and preschoolers! These ideas will help with guided play and play based learning. Speech and language tips are included as well!

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Simple printable books for speech therapy. Perfect for speech therapists in early intervention, preschool, or elementary classrooms. Designed to help educate families for speech therapy at home. You'll love these digital and printable materials for late talkers, children with speech delays, speech impairments, and communication disorders.

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We LOVE visuals schedules, both as a therapy tool and as a tool to use at home. Visual schedules can help children by providing structure, so they know exactly what to expect next. It can also help with transitions to and from speech therapy, and with transitions between activiti

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