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Embark on an intergalactic adventure with these thrilling space opera ideas. Explore captivating stories, epic battles, and unforgettable characters that will transport you to distant galaxies.
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Collaboration work with madnessdemon ( Our characters: Anvar, N and his otter, Archibald Verneski, Tren and other aliens. So, what would've happened if they had meet? Sketch, OCs: Archibald Verneski(human on the right side), Tren(alien on the right side) and other aliens © Lurelin Color, OCs: Anvar(alien on the left side), N(human on the left side) and his otter © madnessdemon and her coauthor.

Grand Space Opera: Light Age / The union, DOFRESH . on ArtStation at Concept Art, Opera, Illustrators, Sci Fi, Design, The Union, Space Opera, Sci Fi Art, Tower

Image made for the Space Opera Artstation challenge. Context : in a distant future, the human empire quickly realized that most of the habitable planets of the known space were already inhabited by various alien species. Instead of starting endless wars, the clergy iniated projet "iter" (the way"). The idea was to create diplomatical and peaceful relations with these species through a pragmatic use of the wedding. #04_ The union The prince and the bride are now officially united. The human…