Snail art

Explore the world of snail art and discover creative and trendy ideas to decorate your nails. Get inspired to create unique and eye-catching nail designs with snail art.
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New(ish) attempt at style. Decided I wanted to loosen up with watercolor, because even though tight and detailed watercolor is amazing and makes me super envious, I'm more drawn to the looser stuff- there is a lot more expression and that makes it... artsier? And therefore, more interesting to me. Anyway, taking heavy notes from Tori Ratcliffe (check her out if you don't know who she is), but also not trying to completely come off as a copycat. Wanted to be a little more strict with my…

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Get buzzy with unique nail art designs featuring cute bumble bees! Check out our latest bee nail designs inspiration for your next manicure. Elevate your nail game with bee-inspired designs that are both cute and stylish. Short or long bumble bee nail art, coffin or square honey bee nail ideas - we have it all!

Amanda Clayton