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Skull island creatures

Explore the diverse and awe-inspiring creatures that inhabit Skull Island. Uncover the mysteries and marvel at the unique beauty of these extraordinary beings.
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The Skin-Bird, Cutisaves atroxoides, is a strange, almost birdlike volucerictid from the uplands of Skull Island. It has a 5-7 foot wingspan. Skin-birds are another of Skull Island’s disturbing and unique flying rodent (volucerictid) species. Unlike the larger Terapusmordax, skin-birds do not cluster in colonies but live singly. They are dedicated hunters, purely carnivorous. They eat only small ground-restricted lizards and other flightless creatures, since they are not nimble enough to…

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Description Being the closest exisiting to the myth of the Kraken, the mire squid is an enormous cephalopod inhabiting Skull Island's rivers and lakes. To make do with the limited living space, the body is flattened and elongated and bears a muscular seam on the underside that resembles the seam of the flamboyant cuttlefish and serves a similar purpose. Mire squids are known to leave the water during the rain season and crawl to new bodies of water, where the seams are used like a pair of…

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On skull island by the village roamed a vicious creature called Nefundusaurus. They weren’t dinosaurs but creatures that looked like them. They ate anything they could get Skull islanders, crabs, seals, and other carnivore kills. They usually wolfed down prey in a couple of bites. In 1945 when Skull Island sank a Nefundusaur was brought to Monster Island, where it still lives on the shore usually at ends with the Tartarusaurus.

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