Skillet corn

Elevate your corn dishes with these mouthwatering skillet corn recipes. From creamy corn casseroles to flavorful corn sautés, explore the best ways to enjoy this versatile ingredient.

My Favorite Skillet Corn - Corn, salt, pepper, sugar, butter, water, flour and milk. Ready in 20 minutes. Great for all the yummy sweet summer corn!

Susan Kern
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Immerse yourself in the balance of Honey Butter Skillet Corn, where frozen sweet corn undergoes a transformation, into a symphony of flavors. When butter and honey come together in the skillet they create an elixir that envelops each kernel with a touch of indulgence. The addition of cream cheese adds a silky smoothness that weaves through the dish creating a velvety texture. A sprinkle of pepper and just a hint of salt brings harmony to the sweetness resulting in an interplay of contrasting…

Jennifer Rivera