Sick kitten

Learn how to properly care for a sick kitten and provide the love and support they need to recover. Get expert advice on symptoms, treatments, and creating a comfortable environment for your furry friend.
Woman Saves Sick Kitten That No One Wanted and Helps Her Heal and Regain Her Glorious Fluff - Love Meow Animals, Kitten, Sick Kitten, Sick, Cats, Kitty, Healing, All Things Cute, Woman

Nikki Martinez, a rescuer/foster based in Las Vegas, met a 5-week-old kitten who was covered in sickness, at a local shelter.No one thought the kitten would make it another week, but Nikki saw the fight in her eyes as the scrawny little one walked up to her and meowed as if to say, "I want to live."...

Michelle Stigliano