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Explore a collection of beautiful shrine maiden costumes and accessories to bring elegance and tradition to your next event. Discover top ideas to create an enchanting look and embrace the spirit of the shrine maiden.
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Rio is a playable character in Eternal Return. Rio is a basic attack-based ranged character who can switch between her clunky but long-range Daikyu and her relatively short but nimble Haikyu depending on the situation. Arrows will pierce the lies. Rio is a high school student and an outstanding member of her school's Kyudo club. She was a natural archer and always faced her target with incredible posture and poise.Her peers have had trouble approaching and befriending her due to her cold…

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Wafuku is from the kanji 和服: 和 (wa) means Japanese and 服 (fuku) means clothes. So Wafuku is traditional Japanese clothes. People in Japan still using Wafuku although Western clothes are well-known in Japan. They wear Wafuku in some special occasions like weddings, funerals, coming-of-age ceremonies (seijin shiki), and festivals (matsuri). Japan has some Wafuku, they are: Kimono, Yukata, Haori and Hakama. Source Haori Haori can be described as a half coat. It can be used after Kimono. Source…

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Lighting Beauty Dance - Celebrating Beauty of Nature was a Premium Gacha available from 12/27/2019 to 02/27/2020. It included 5 ‘Number of Plays’ Items, 25 Gacha Items and 3 Bonus Items. The Bonus included 10000 Smile Points, 15000 Smile Points, 20000 Smile Points, 1 Premium Rare Gacha Ticket, 1 10Play Premium Gacha Ticket, 2 Premium Gacha Ticket, 5 MAX Charge Drinks, 15 Charge Drinks, 3 Piece of Rare and 20 C-Coins. The Gacha Promo included a ‘Trade without Doubling’ (No-Double-Promo♡) and…

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Centuries ago a hashira believed the only way to cleanse the world of… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad Manga, Kawaii, Kawaii Anime Girl, Anime Girl In Kimono, Anime Girl, Cute Anime Character, Manga Girl

Centuries ago a hashira believed the only way to cleanse the world of the demon menace was to harness their abilities, he began experimenting with demon blood the mystery of how he succeeded still remains unknown, for generations the demon blood has tainted the (L/N) bloodline a curse that remained a family secret until tragedy struck the Kamado house, it was then our protagonist learned that the demon blood coursed through her veins, Now this noble woman turned demon slayer must learn to…

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