Ship ladder

Discover creative ship ladder designs that provide both style and functionality. Upgrade your space with these top ideas for incorporating a ship ladder into your home or office.
Holy staircase, that's awesome!  If I decide to turn the vaulter ceiling area into a loft, I may do this one if I don't do a spiral staircase. Attic Rooms, Loft Ladder, Tiny House Stairs, Loft Stairs, Attic Stairs, Attic Renovation, Attic Remodel, Tiny House, Tiny Living

In small, tiny, or "right sized" homes, you don't want to sacrifice usable space if you can avoid it. That's why you see so many ladders leading to the lofts of tiny homes. It's the perfect solution for some, but others may want something that makes loft access more, well, accessible. The idea of negotiating a steeply pitched ladder in the middle of the night might deter many otherwise would-be small home owners. I'm going to discuss space saving stairs and ladders including ship's ladders…

Kelly Smith

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