Scripture for the sick

Find comfort and healing in these powerful scripture verses specially curated for those who are sick. Discover words of hope and strength to uplift and inspire.
The Book of Psalms is a great place to find encouragement. Here are 21 encouraging Psalms of Healing to pray when you are sick.

We soar high when our children are on the mend but can find ourselves in deep valleys when they struggle. My prayer is that you can use these Psalms about hope and healing as a resource to help you work through those tough emotions.

Dawn Eubanks
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When we say that we love, we must exhibit the above qualities towards those we call loved ones. Love is selfless; it places the interests of others above our own. Love is forgiving and never holds on to a grudge for too long neither does it keep track of a person’s flaws.

Julie Riedmaier
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God is Healer!! This collection of Bible verses about healing will help you in your study of knowing God as healer and for praying over yourself and others.

Amanda Martinez