Screen printed fabric

Discover a wide range of unique screen printed fabric designs for fashion and home decor. Upgrade your wardrobe and interior with these stunning prints that are sure to make a statement.
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A protea print I'm happy with! It's printed on quite rough cloth, so the texture of the fading stems shows up well. I was also less haphazard with the placement of the blocks, this time. What I did with the original print, before listening to anyone's advice: And a few more: I'm really enjoying this last one, and I think I'll print it in lots of different colour combinations. One of the things with a medium that's so process-heavy, though, is that my judgment is affected by how just how much…

Triona Dormer
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Photo Screen Printing Without Emulsion (laser Etched): Reproducing vector images for screen printing and stenciling is easy. But photographs and other images requiring gradients are a bit more complicated and usually a task reserved for photo emulsion. This Instructable will show you how to…