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Delve into the fascinating science of baking and discover the secrets and techniques that make your favorite treats so delicious. Enhance your baking skills with these top ideas and create mouthwatering desserts at home.
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And National Cheese Pizza Day I am about to share something with you - I've always loved math and science - they were my favorite subjects in school, well next to art class and mechanical design. Go figure! Anyhow, I am so delighted to share with you an infographic created by the wonderful folks at Shari's Berries on the science of baking! It's quite cool information! Science of Baking Infographic Have you ever wondered why something you baked didn't turn out right, this infographic breaks…

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The function of sugar in baking goes far beyond sweetening your baked goods. Sugar serves many functions in baking including holding onto moisture, tenderizing baked goods, assisting with leavening, stabilizing egg whites, and decorating the tops of baked goods.

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