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Discover creative money jar ideas that will help you save and achieve your financial goals. Start saving today with these simple and effective money-saving techniques.
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Kids Yearly Savings Jar – 1 Penny at a Time! - Living Chic Mom

Teaching kids to save their money can be hard. Heck convincing myself I need to save money seems nearly impossible sometimes. That's why I decided to try something new with my kids this year. This year we will be saving money 1¢ at a time. Here's how this works. First you will need a jar.

Alexandria Adams
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How I Make My Money Go Further

So being an apprentice, I obviously don't earn a fortune. However, I am and always have been good at saving. I've found that as long as you get into the habit of saving it's something you struggle to get out of. Believe me when I say it's nice seeing your savings build up! Now, I spend on average around £250 a month on travelling by either bus or train (or both) to my workplace. It might not sound like a lot to people who earn a £1000 or more a month, but to me it's a small fortune. So I'm…

Jennifer Hill