Salted caramel snickerdoodle cookies

Indulge in the irresistible combination of salted caramel and snickerdoodle in these delicious cookies. Try out our top recipes and satisfy your sweet tooth today.

Brown butter snickerdoodle cookies with a sweet and gooey caramel center and a sprinkling of sea salt on top! This snickerdoodle recipe is a family favorite, especially during the holidays.

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Incredible chocolate snickerdoodles that are crispy on the outside, chewy in the middle, stuffed with caramel, and topped with a sprinkle of sea salt to make one of the best cookies you'll ever eat. These delicious chocolate snickerdoodles are perfect for the holidays and any time you want a sweet treat!

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Brown Butter Caramel Snickerdoodles Recipe – Soft, thick and chewy snickerdoodles, bursting with flavor from the addition of browned butter and an irresistible gooey homemade caramel center! Servings: 16 INGREDIENTS FOR THE COOKIE DOUGH:2¼ cups plus 2 tablespoons (10⅝oz/ 300g) all purpose flour (preferably weighed for accurate results)*3/4 teaspoon cream of tartar (*see note below for ... Read more

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