Rumchata pudding shots

Impress your guests with these delectable rumchata pudding shots. Try out these easy-to-make recipes and add a fun twist to your next party. Get ready to indulge in creamy and boozy treats.
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Cheesecake pudding shots are so delicious! These shots are made with cheesecake pudding mix, rumchata, and whipped cream vodka for an amazing combination of flavors. Cool Whip is folded into the pudding to make it fluffy and extra tasty. These cheesecake shots are perfect at any party or to kick off the weekend!

Shanna Brinker
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Raise your glass to the delightful world of RumChata Shots with these must-try recipes! 🥃✨ From the tempting Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shot to the playful RumChata Pudding Shots, these concoctions promise a perfect blend of flavor and fun. Shake, pour, and savor the sweet moments with these irresistible shots that are guaranteed to add a splash of joy to any gathering. Cheers to the art of shot perfection! 🎉🍨 #RumChataShots

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