Royal typewriter

Discover a wide range of vintage Royal typewriters for sale. Bring home a piece of history and experience the joy of typing on a classic Royal typewriter.
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Royal Typewriter Serial Numbers for models: Royal 1, Royal 10, Royal 1200 Electric, Royal 440, Royal 470, Royal 5, Royal 550, Royal 560, Royal 565, Royal 590, Royal 6, Royal 612 Automatic, Royal 660, Royal 890, Royal 970, Royal 990, Royal 991, Royal A, Royal Academy, Royal Administrator, Royal All-American, Royal All-Electric, Royal Alpha 620C, Royal Apollo 10, Royal Apollo 10-GT, Royal Aristocrat, Royal Arrow, Royal Astronaut, Royal BETA 200, Royal Beta 8000, Royal Beta 8000T, Royal…

João Carlos Matos
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Please read the entire listing. We do not restore these old friends as that would cost the customer hundreds more. We describe them the best we can and point out obvious flaws. Great condition Royal Quiet Deluxe Typewriter made in the 1940s. Works great. Has a matte black finish that is in great condition with chrome trim. Round keys with mica tops and chrome edges. These are highly sought after by writers for their great style and durability. Nothing like a classic black typewriter as your…

Rebecca Bailey