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Learn simple tricks to round numbers effortlessly and accurately. Discover effective strategies to make rounding numbers a breeze in your math calculations.
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My daughter came home with a rounding worksheet… she struggled with it. Creating number lines did not help, because she wasn’t sure how to plot the numbers. So, I created these number charts to give her some extra help. We practiced for about 10 minutes, and she responded well to the activity. She said the […]

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Several bloggers have gotten together to share more ideas for using your craft supplies to learn. We worked on rounding numbers to the nearest ten with craft sticks and it's been a favorite activity for the last week, so I know that your kids will love it too! Recommended Grade Level: preschool kindergarten Early Elementary

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Meet the Rockin Rounders! The Rockin Rounders will help your students round numbers. These worksheets and task cards will help students practice rounding to the nearest ten, rounding to the nearest hundred, and rounding to the nearest thousand. Each pack is separated by digits. Here is a FREE pack of worksheet to give the Rockin Rounders a try! There are a variety of choices to meet the needs of your classroom. Each Pack comes with a FREE Worksheet! Scroll down to find the worksheet that's…

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Monday, September 9, 2013 Today students learned how to use rounding to estimate numbers. We learned how to use the Rounding Hill (click to download) to help us round numbers. Steps for Rounding Hill: 1. Put the number you are rounding to in the box in the middle. Let's say we are rounding 684 to the nearest ten. That would go in the box in the middle. 2. Then we put the two nearest ten in the boxes to the right and left. In this case we would put 680 and 690 (see picture). 3. Underline the…

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