Rounding 3rd grade

Make learning rounding fun and engaging for 3rd grade students with these exciting activities. Explore top ideas to help students master the skill of rounding numbers.
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Do you start the year by teaching about place value and rounding? It's pretty common. Lots of teachers in our teacher Facebook groups have been struggling with teaching rounding strategies. I thought it would be a great opportunity to share some of the strategies that I used in my classroom. Ditch the

Vicki Shelton
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Meet the Rockin Rounders! The Rockin Rounders will help your students round numbers. These worksheets and task cards will help students practice rounding to the nearest ten, rounding to the nearest hundred, and rounding to the nearest thousand. Each pack is separated by digits. Here is a FREE pack of worksheet to give the Rockin Rounders a try! There are a variety of choices to meet the needs of your classroom. Each Pack comes with a FREE Worksheet! Scroll down to find the worksheet that's…

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