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Discover the latest room gadgets that will revolutionize your space. Upgrade your room with these innovative and practical gadgets to enhance your daily life. Newtons Cradle, Newtons Cradle Swinging Balls Led Lights, Perpetual Motion Desk Toy, Mens Desk Accessories Essentials, Creative Kinetic Energy Home Office Physics Science Gadgets Decoration : Toys & Games Gadgets, Kinetic Energy, Glass Ball, Pendulum Balls, Fishing Line, Steel, Balance Ball, Pendulum, Led Lights

About this item ➤Product material: Including steel ball, frosted glass, fishing line, plastic base. ➤Newton’s cradle: Newton’s cradle demonstrates the-third-law of motion by swinging the sphere; when a ball is lifted and released, it transmits power through the rest of the ball, pushing the end ball in the opposite direction. ➤Great for home ornament, study or office desk table decor accessories, etc. Also good for birthday gift and kids toy. ➤Not only demonstrates thependulum, but also…

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-- INCLUDES THE NEW PIRANHA HEAD! -- This is a cool concept I come up with. Thinking of a springtime vibe and thought of joycons are leaves with a Switch flower...idk. But after a few prototypes and some dimensional errors on my part, here is the final product! There is a USB C extension cable that runs through the stem and stores in the base with the port in the back. I DESIGNED IT FOR THIS CABLE (3.3FT) ---> Please route your cable through each piece…