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Unleash your creativity with these innovative robot painting ideas. Discover how robots can create unique and mesmerizing artworks, and get inspired to create your own robotic masterpieces.
EPBOT: April Art Roundup: Twu Wuv, Bookish Mario, and Squee-Worthy Sad Robots Illustrators, Digital Art, Tim Burton, Art, Art And Illustration, Robot, Robot Art, Wonders Of The World, April Art

Time again for my favorite geeky art finds of the month! Starting with the Princess Bride piece, "True Love" by Janna Bock: Although I'll admit to being a little disappointed she didn't call it, "Twu Wuv." :D Bock only has a few pieces listed for sale, but I'm also digging her "French Hair:" Both prints are $15 in Bock's Etsy shop. I fell hard for the colors in Jenna Brown's new "Lollipop:" And over at Brown's brand-spankin' new store, she also has this lovely: "Bubblegum" Check out Brown's…

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