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Description This Chimereon was obtained through Moderator Customs. Designed by: ground-lion Created On: 10/03/2019 Base Value: $1200 Current Owner: Moyagi Owner Log: LYieeee Subspecies: Unknown Tri-horn | Standard Spectrum Smooth Nose Horn Multicolored Horns Magic Manifestation (Hologram, Glitching) Bioluminescence Morphing Body Parts (arms can transform into weapons) Metal Body Parts Previous/Original Design: Please note that when redesigning a Chimereon, use the original design…


I have some more visual development stuff for Missile Mouse: Rescue on Tankium3 . One of the main characters in this book is the Galactic Security Bot Robot 44. He's a loyal partner to Missile Mouse and proves to be just as tenacious as the rodent himself. I began sketching out designs for him on my story writing pages. At this early stage I new I wanted a big black dome for the head because I thought it looked cool. The idea developed further as I played around with proportions and little…

Roaric Clark