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Explore the life and presidency of Richard Nixon, a pivotal figure in American politics. Discover the achievements, controversies, and lasting impact of this enigmatic leader.
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It's time once again for another rousing edition of the Snake Oil Bulletin, though if our most recent coverage is any indication, we may have to rename this column the Munchausen Minutes because of the sheer number of animals medically neglecting their babies. What is it about a belief in nonsense that makes people so willing to place their children's medical care in the hands of a dead Judean carpenter than in a modern day medical doctor? Because if our first story is any indication, Dr…

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Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley: Two suspicious minds The secret meeting between the King of Rock and Roll and the American President has been made into a film. Paul Whitington delves into a bizarre tale of Seventies fame and paranoia. Films, Elvis Presley, Eric Bana, Richard Nixon, Chuck Norris, Richard, Classic Rock And Roll, War On Drugs, Film

In 1988, the American National Archives released for sale a photo so bizarre most people thought it had been faked. The shot showed former US President Richard Nixon shaking the hand of Elvis Presley with apparent enthusiasm. However, it was no fake and was soon selling like hot cakes, for understandable reasons

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