Repel negative energy spell

Discover effective spells that can help you repel negative energy and create a positive environment. Take control of your energy and protect yourself from negativity with these powerful spells.
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Banishing Jar Spell | Protections Spells | Banish Negative Energy

This Jar Spell Guide is a basic "How To" for jar spells. It explains what a jar spell is and how to create one. It has several tips to help you learn and guide you through the process. It includes 9 jar spells including a prosperity jar spell, a good luck charm, an anti-anxiety spell, safe travels spell, good health spell, and more. This is a 12-page printable guide. PDF only (8.5 by 11 in). This is the perfect addition to my Witch's Spellbook to grow your grimoire.

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The Complete Guide To Removing And Blocking Negative Energy | One Lucky Wish Blog

Many embodiments of spirituality and alternative medicine refer to certain experiences and phenomena as being due to metaphysical energy. Called Chi or life force, the notion of metaphysical energy is typically understood as...

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