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Discover creative ideas on how to remove a wall and create an open and spacious environment. Transform your space and improve the flow of natural light by removing walls in your home.
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Prior to renovations, Jake told people that we were doing a "total gut" on the house. I scoffed and told him to quit being dramatic because a kitchen and bath renovation and taking out a couple of walls hardly classified as a gutting. However, as I walk through the house now, I see that Mr

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Peace of the Rock Coastal Home Rhode Island PSDS (18) Half wall is charming & effective here. Half Walls, Divider Design, Half Wall, Room Remodeling, Design Layout, Living Room Kitchen, Home Renovation, Home Remodeling, Home Projects

Feel like daydreaming a little?This house was built last year on the coast of Rhode Island as a summer retreat for one lucky family, who named it “Peace of the Rock.”The builders and architects are Polhemus Savery DaSilva.Their website says: “The South Coast Rhode Island neighborhood in which Peace of the Rock is situated is […]

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