Red worms

Enhance your garden with the help of red worms. Learn about the numerous benefits they bring, from improving soil quality to composting waste materials. Start using red worms today and watch your garden thrive.
Will a Red Worm Population Double in 3 Months? | Red Worm Composting Organic Gardening, Wels, Red Worm Composting, Worm Composting, Meal Worms, Gardening Tips, Worm Beds, Worm Farm, Red Worms

One bizarre vermicomposting "fact" that has been floating around for years, and taken seriously by many newbie vermicomposters, is this idea of expecting your Red Worms to double in number in 3 months (or "90 Days"). It seems like a fairly reasonable claim on the surface - but if you really sit down and crunch