Red lace

Discover stunning fashion ideas featuring red lace. Embrace the elegance and boldness of this timeless fabric to make a stylish statement in your wardrobe. Flowers Embroidered Patch Sticker for Clothing Jacket Jeans Lace Applique DIY Clothes Decorations Fabric Patches (Red I) Clothes, Applique, Tops, Floral, Fabric Flowers, Embroidered Patch, Fabric Patch, Floral Applique, Fabric Roses

About this item Lace Ideal for Sew on Any Garment(No glue, only can sewing)wing Sew on Any Garment, such as wedding dress, scrapbooking, card making, dolls, hair bows,gifts, bags,bridal, dress, crafts,hat,backpack, pants decoration,curtain, quilt etc. Package included: 2 pcs embroidery patches Material: Rayon threads; Size: 39cm(L)X29cm(W) and 39cm(L)X29cm(W) This product will come with a true lifetime warranty that is good for one free replacement

Lourdes Ferreyra