Recycling glass bottles ideas

Find innovative ways to repurpose glass bottles and create stunning DIY projects. Discover top ideas to upcycle glass bottles and reduce waste in style.
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How To Cut Glass Bottles Or Jars In 3How To Cut Glass Bottles Or Jars In 3 Simple Simple Steps

This post about how to cut glass bottles is a great way to learn something new! I have a collection of empty passata jars that are waiting to be upcycled. I was thinking I could turn into pretty glass vases but the jar mouth needed to be cut as it was too narrow. So I

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How To Stain Glass Bottles And Jars-3 Easy DIY Methods For DIY Crafts And Projects

If you're a crafter or DIYer, then there's no doubt that you've come across stained glass projects before. The methods below can be used for many different projects, such as vases, bowls, jars, and more! The beautiful thing about stained glass is the endless possibilities of using it in your home to make it unique

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37 Stunning Wine Bottle Crafts

If you are looking for some fun DIY crafts to upcycle the wine bottles you need to know these incredible wine bottle crafts. These cute craft ideas will help you get craft inspiration to do more upcycled crafting and create more DIY craft ideas. Enjoy these upcycling ideas!

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How to reuse bottles – 18 creative ideas

Don’t throw away the things that can be reused … this is how the basic rule of those passionate of DIY projects sounds like. Today we review the potential that lies in used bottles (glass or …

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