Recipe for salmon croquettes

Discover mouthwatering recipes for salmon croquettes that will leave you craving for more. Learn how to make these tasty treats and impress your family and friends with your culinary skills.

I always find myself going back to the days when I was a child, thinking about all of the home-cooked meals my mom would make. While all of the meals my mother cooked were amazing,

Martha Crill
Southern salmon patties on a platter.

These Salmon Croquettes will be the talk of the table at your next dinner party. Golden and crispy on the outside with a soft and flavorful inside that will completely blow your guests away.

raquel kidd

Crispy pan fried Salmon Croquettes are an easy-to-make and delicious appetizer, snack, or main course. Made with freshly baked salmon fillet and leftover mashed potatoes, the croquettes are seasoned with shallots, garlic, Old Bay seasoning, and Dijon mustard. Pan fry until golden brown and crispy, then serve with remoulade or your favorite dipping sauce. Tender, flavorful, and freezer-friendly!

Jesica Palmer