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Experience the magic of realistic cartoons that blur the line between imagination and reality. Explore top ideas to bring your favorite characters to life in a whole new way.
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Cartoon ladies having an anatomically impossible waist to hip ratio is the standard at this point. Snow White is the most proportionally correct Disney princess since animators drew her from a real-life model and were tasked by the big man Walt himself to make her look more realistic and less cartoony. But it would be nice to imagine other characters in this fashion too.

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Cartoon characters from popular TV shows usually remind us of some warm memories from childhood. Remember when you used to sit on the sofa on weekend mornings and watch cartoons on mute before your mom caught you not sleeping? Well, I should admit that I did that every weekend. Ontario-based artist Miguel Vasquez seeks to distort our feelings about these cartoon characters with some reality twists. He creates realistic renditions of famous cartoon characters that might even disturb you.

Mark Wilmot
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Hyperrealist art began in 1970 with drawings identical to photographs and in 2000 came to be recognized as a movement and artistic genre in Europe and the United States. But when we talk about realism we mean that it even confuses real people with real, and to show a little better this art for you, we separate some incredible works that have already been exposed by the world.

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One could probably agree that some kids' TV shows have left a very big influence on our lives, and usually the cartoons we watched when we were children remain in our memories for many years to come, even if it’s just some parts of them. Some people's affection for certain characters can be really strong, and in most cases purely nostalgic.

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