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A Crowd In Time Square, New York City Celebrating The Surrender Of Germany In World War 2. This Photo Was Taken On May 7th, 1945 Ohio, New York City, Michigan, Times Square, Madison Square Garden, Budapest, Times Square New York, May 7th, Times Square Ny

Since anyone could (and still can) say anything on the internet, people began challenging unbelievable and outlandish online claims with the phrase "pics or it didn't happen," shutting down many ridiculous discussions before they even begin.

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1978. Police officer playing with the children in Harlem. 1972. Detention facilities. 1978. Investigators from the 9th Precinct with his lieutenant Edward Manetho. 1978. The police are trying to help fallen from overdose addict. 1978. The police intervened when a family quarrel escalated from a simple skirmish in a fight. 1978. Small narkobaryga shows one of his scars resulting from multiple stab wounds. 1978. The district shows traces of drug dealers stab wounds he received while working on…

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