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We love it when my sister makes us Brazilian Cheese Puffs!! ???? They never last long unless I hide some, so she usually makes a double batch, and we keep half the batter in the fridge for the following day. They are the BEST hot out of the oven, sliced open and slathered with butter... YUM!!!! But they're also great cold, and since they are nut free they make the perfect lunchbox filler. There’s plenty of recipes for cheese puffs out there, but these ones seem to rise better than others…

Barb Braun
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Guest blog by Arwen’s Thermo Pics I’m super duper excited to share this blog post with you! Last year I met a gorgeous lady in Hobart while down there for some Quirky Cooking seminars. We share a love for good food, the Thermomix, and food photography. Oh, and halloumi cheese. Yep, halloumi is high […]

Kevin Smallman
My Best Butter Chicken Ever! Thermomix, Healthy Recipes, Paleo, Risotto, Chicken Recipes, The Best Butter Chicken Recipe, Chicken Dishes, Bbq Chicken, Chicken Recipes Video

I’m so excited about this recipe, as you’ve probably heard! I was cheeky enough to call it the ‘best butter chicken ever’ because my 16 year old son insisted it was the best he’d ever tasted, and said that I HAD to call it ‘the best ever’, and I HAD to teach him how to make […]

Catherine Part

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