Quad roller skates

Experience the joy of roller skating with the best quad roller skates. Find the perfect pair to glide and spin your way to excitement. Get ready for a thrilling adventure on wheels.
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Fitted with Airwave Wheels. Fitted with Airwave wheels - an excellent all round wheel suitable for indoor and outdoor skating. Bauer NS Quad Roller Skates. Bauer laces supplied as standard. Ventro laces are 200cm and are shorter than Bauer laces but suitable for quad skaters who do not lace fully to the top.

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Rain, Snow or Heat got you stuck inside and NOT on your roller skates? Check out our huge list of the best places to roller skate for free! We have tons of ideas for how you can get your roller skate fix regardless of the weather conditions. Most of them are FREE and can be found even in the smallest of towns.

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