Purple cauliflower

Discover delicious and nutritious recipes using purple cauliflower. Add a pop of color to your meals and enjoy the health benefits of this vibrant vegetable. Try these mouthwatering recipes today!
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This is a super easy recipe that makes a beautiful vegetable side dish. I love the color purple and I have to say that I am a little obsessed with purple cauliflower, so when I see it at the store or farmers market it will always end up in my cart. But what’s not to love, it is packed with nutrients and will brighten up your plate. This super easy dish is fast to make and no clean up! Leftover roasted veggies are great in salads and they are low in calories and packed with nutrients. This is

Krystle Thomsen
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Meaty pieces of roasted purple cauliflower steaks covered with the most delicious zesty and spicy chimichurri is the ideal side dish (or main dish!) for your next weeknight dinner. All of this takes about 5 minutes of “hands-on” time and 25-30 minutes total…and is naturally vegan and gluten free.

Alaina Wilson