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Enhance your photography skills with creative ideas for props concept. Discover how props can add depth and interest to your photos, and take your photography to the next level.
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Medieval: Back and Forth Challenge - Sign, Clément Massol

Hello everyone, I'm thrilled to announce my participation in the recent ArtStation challenge, where I competed in the realtime props category. The challenge revolved around the theme "Medieval: Back and Forth," and my task was to bring to life three realtime props based on either the concepts provided by 2D artists or my own creations. Throughout this exhilarating challenge, I focused on refining my handpaint texturing skills. I must admit, this technique truly elevates the visual appeal of…

Nathan Dymora
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Moonshine Mysteries Props Batch 01, Michael Guimont

Hey folks, here are some props i've been doing to try a couple of different things like brushes, workflow and such. i'm trying to do things in a more fluid way that relies less on complex layer arangement and so management. These props tests were good, I now have to try that in en environment piece, probably later :p Follow me here:

neko ấm đầu
ArtStation - Concept Artist RPG 5, Ekaterina Bek-Nazarova Isometric Animation, Spell Magic, Background Game, Artstation Concept Art, Props Concept, 2d Game Art, Magic Items, Props Art, Fantasy Props

Concept Artist RPG 5, Ekaterina Bek-Nazarova

В мире, где люди захламили планету мусором и барахлом, где не осталось и клочка чистой и первобытной природы, до сих пор есть место волшебству. Юный ученик школы магии и чародейства с факультета трансфигурации собирает бесполезный хлам и делает из него много забавных и иногда даже полезных вещей. В этом мире это довольно престижная профессия - ведь хлама так много, а делать с ним особо нечего.


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