Printable string art patterns

Get inspired with our collection of printable string art patterns. Start your next DIY project and create beautiful string art designs with our easy-to-follow patterns.
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This listing is for the template ONLY. All other materials to make the string art piece must be purchased separately. This template should be used on a board around 7.5x12in. Made of clear acrylic, the design is scored in and holes are cut through where nails should be placed. Tape/secure the template to a board atleast 3/4in thick. Use a pencil to mark each hole or use a mail to make guide holes. Once all holes are marked, remove template and hammer nails in!

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Sharing a fun Valentine's Day Decoration idea for you! Simply print this FREE Heart String Art Template and you can turn it into some String Art Decor. VALENTINE'S DAY DECOR The fun thing about this is that there are so many different ways you can change this up. Make it into a Valentine's Day Card

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To get started in string art, you first need some simple patterns. I remember the first time I tried making string art; it felt overwhelming. But then I found some free printable templates online, and it made all the difference. These basic templates guided me through the process, showing me where to place nails and how to string effectively. Using these templates, I slowly improved and began to design my own patterns, exploring more creative ideas. The initial templates were like training…

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Download free printable string art patterns and start your project immediately. These string art templates are so much fun and easy to do.

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