Preschool Schedule

Create a structured and engaging day for your preschoolers with these effective schedule ideas. Help your little ones thrive with a well-planned routine that promotes learning and development.
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Preschool daily schedules and routines are so important for our little learners (and teachers, too). Routines help students feel safe and secure because they know what is coming next and what is expected. Another helpful side effect of scheduling is that fewer problem behaviors occur when a schedule is consistently followed. Students learn the sequence of the day and can begin to predict and anticipate what will come next. Research tells us little learners NEED visual schedules and…

Nikki Cropsey
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When my oldest was 4, I decided I would teach him preschool at home. As scary as it may seem to you now, you can learn how to homeschool preschool! You have what it takes to get your kids ready for kindergarten. Although my kids were learning through play, they weren't learning some things yet


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