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What is Meditation On Twin Hearts? | The Pranic Healers Pranic Healing Meditation, What Is Meditation, Pranic Healing, Etheric Body, Energy Healing Reiki, Whole Earth, Qi Gong, Divine Light, Spiritual Teachers

The Meditation on Twin Hearts brings a tremendous amount of spiritual energy, peace, love, prosperity and happiness in the practitioner's life. It is a noble tool that raises one's vibrations toward higher states of awareness and expanded levels of consciousness.

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A Primer On Major And Minor Chakras..I got my description from here. (Article) Kundalini Yoga, Spiritual Science, Kundalini Meditation, Pranic Healing, Les Chakras, Chakra System, Integrative Health, Alternative Healing, Chakra Balancing

Chakras are a concept originating from Hindu texts and used in Hindu practices. Their name derives from the Sanskrit word for "wheel" or "turning". Chakras are a concept referring to wheel-like vortices which, according to traditional Indian medicine, are believed to exist in the surface of the etheric double of man. From their Hindu origin,…

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10 Kundalini Awakening Techniques | How to Safely Awaken Your Kundalini Meaning Of Bees, Spiritual Meaning Of Bees, Secret Energy, Kundalini Reiki, Kundalini Meditation, Kundalini Energy, Chakra Health, Chi Energy, Indian Philosophy

Kundalini is a Sanskrit term from ancient India that identifies the arising of a form of energy and consciousness that remains coiled at the base of our spine from birth. The kundalini energy is the source of life force that each contains within

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