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Doesn’t yoga seem like the latest buzzword? There is much hype surrounding it with research, lectures. But where did it all start? A brief history of yoga is here

Varsha Gheewala
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Last week in Byron Bay, Australia, we gathered a group of women for an at-home yoga class… This post comes from our Australian contributor, Miann Scanlan! Before traveling to Bali I’d only ever practiced yoga either alone at home or in a studio. Then I went to a yoga retreat and practiced three times a […]

Parker Nayman
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After almost seven years of practicing yoga and going through the 200-hour certified teaching program, I still couldn't do a proper Chaturanga Dandasana. If you've done much yoga yourself, you know how challenging Chaturanga can be. The pose is a staple of Vinyasa-style classes and is usually done as part of a Sun Salutation sequence. To get into Chaturanga, you lower your body from a high plank position until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle, with your arms hugged close to your ribs…

Анна Пататовна