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T-65 power armor or Secret Service power armor is a set of power armor in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update. A set of power armor utilized by Secret Service in Vault 79. The armor offers the highest physical and energy resistances out of any power armor in the game. It provides the second-highest protection against radiation after the Strangler heart power armor. As with all other bullion-exclusive items, the plans and individual pieces of T-65 power armor are non-tradeable…

Hartley Myers
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X-01 power armor is a prototype model of power armor developed by the United States shortly before the Great War. It was the last and most advanced model of power armor developed before Great War, and serves as the predecessor to all post-War models of advanced power armor used by the Enclave. Commissioned by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the development of the X-01 began shortly before the Great War.[1] It represented a radically new approach to designing powered armor, eschewing traditional…

Kevin Kramer
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H-01a Power Armor is a set of Power Armor appearing in The Third Interregnum. It was designed by the Mojave Institute of Technology in the year 2290 under the guidance of Director Hongji Liao and Scientist Ruby Yuan. They were designed to outfit Institute personnel in combat and help enforce the Institute's Scientific authority over the wastes. It is designed to be a juggernaut that a soldier of the Institute could survive a mini-nuke in, if need be. Unlike with C-01 Power Armor, a Pipboy…

Thornee Rosalee