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POP ART ZOMBIE Makeup by Rei-Doll Zombie Face Paint, Zombie Make Up, Pop Art Costume, Pop Art Zombie, Halloweenský Makeup, Zombie Face, Face Awards, Pop Art Makeup, Looks Halloween

POP ART ZOMBIE Makeup by Rei-Doll on DeviantArt

Description * R&R ArtGroup - Facebook page * * Youtube channel R&R Art Group * You can support our works on PATREON *Support me on Ko-Fi* © Any using of the photography for commercial purposes and photo-manipulations are strictly prohibited. Reposting is allowed, provided credits and links. © Использование фотографии в коммерческих целях и любые фотоманипуляции запрещены. Перепост разрешён при условии указания авторства и ссылок. __________________________________ PLEASE DO NOT COPY…

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Melting Zombie - Facepaint and SFX Makeup by Ellie H-M aka ellie35x Zombie Contacts, Pink Contacts, Comic Makeup, Pop Art Zombie, Makeup Clown, Makeup Zombie, Fantasy Make-up, Halloweenský Makeup, Halloween Make-up Looks

Facepaint and SFX Makeup Personas

A face for every occasion, with a talent to match. Scottish Facepaint and SFX Makeup artist Ellie H-M aka ellie35x, has this to say for herself: "I have no social life so I do Facepaint, Make-up and creepy stuff!💜." I brought together a mixture of her body painting transformations, from beauty to funny and all the way to scary. What ever you predilection is, I am hoping that you will find something that you like below. The Illusion of Happiness- NYX Face Awards Top 10 Challange! Flower…

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