Plaid flannel quilt patterns

Discover a collection of cozy quilt patterns that feature the timeless charm of plaid flannel. Get inspired to create your own warm and inviting quilts for the colder months.
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I finish things now, and I think, "I need to make a new post on my blog about this !" But time passes and I start something else, and..................I GET BEHIND ! So, to catch up, I think that I have just two new finishes. First, if you've read my blog for a while, you may remember that last year I made a very big throw quilt, close to twin-size, for my daughter, using her papa's flannel shirts. It was her memory quilt, and she loves it.......snuggles in it on her couch. Well, it's been…

Gabi Carroll
plaid flannel quilt.  This is an easy to sew quilt and is perfect for picnics, ballgames, camping...or even to put on a bed! Quilt Blocks, Quilts, Quilting Patterns, Patchwork, Quilt Blanket, Quilt Patterns, Quilt Inspiration, Rag Quilt, Patchwork Quilts

My daughter made this Plaid Flannel Quilt for a Christmas Gift! She saw something on Pinterest that she liked and just decided to copy the idea. We did not have a pattern, but it is just squares pieced together. A quilt like this is perfect for camping, picnics, ballgames or just being outside! The … Continue reading Plaid Flannel Quilt →

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