Pine Cones

Discover unique and creative ways to incorporate pine cones into your home decor. From wreaths to ornaments, explore top ideas to bring a touch of nature into your living space.
Pinecone crafts are an easy and frugal way to decorate during the fall and winter seasons. Find out exactly how to prepare your pine cones for indoor use! #fall #falldecor #pinecone #nature #fallideas #pinecones Thanksgiving, Autumn Crafts, Decoration, Halloween, Mason Jar Crafts, Pine Cone Crafts, Pine Cone Decorations, Pine Cones, Pine Cone Wreath

Find out exactly how to prepare your pine cones for indoor use in this post. No bleach, no vinegar. No waiting for days before you can use them! Don't miss the ONE THING you need to do to use pine cones inside!

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1. Go to the woods. Bring a cone. 2. Put the cone in a pot - so that most of it stands out. 3. Pour it every day with a small amount of water, as excess water makes the cones rot. 4. After some time, a tiny tree will appear. 5. Congratulations - they just started oxygen production and you have a piece of forest in your own home. You're doing something for nature, and you'll see what nature does for you. Photo and project from Linda A Hughes

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