Photosynthesis lab

Discover hands-on photosynthesis lab activities to engage students and deepen their understanding of this vital process. Get inspired and create a memorable learning experience in your classroom.
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This is a great unit with my seventh graders. It's easy to start because the kids usually remember something about photosynthesis from elementary school. If not, they already know that plants need sunlight and water. This is not a very long unit. Maybe 2-3 weeks. The goals for this unit are: The students will be able to write the word equations for photosynthesis and respiration Photosynthesis is "sunlight + water + carbon dioxide --> glucose + oxygen." Respiration is "glucose + oxygen…

Ashley Beltran
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Viewing the stomata under the microscope is an incredibly simple, truly awe-inspiring lab to do with your middle school science students. Easy setup and everyday items make this lab a must do for any life science class!

Dulcie Mayberry