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Russian collage artist Philipp Igumnov doctors old photographs to make them look like documentation of supernatural occurrences. An enormous cumulous cloud with doors and windows becomes a celestial residence; a woman holds up her palm to reveal a swarm of miniature UFOs; a soccer goalie dives to catch a speeding comet. Igumnov seems to enjoy messing with the idea of photography as a truth-telling medium and manipulates it to indulge his viewers' curiosity about aliens, ghosts, and the like.

Renee Kao
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Until recently my mother had a box of old family photos in her closet that we would enjoy going through with her when I visited. As I’ve become more involved with family history research and with learning about proper preservation techniques, I realized that I really wanted to get the photos to my home and […]

Somewhere in the "photo district" (near Chelsea). NEW YORK CITY 1990's - Photo archives by Gregoire Alessandrini ✶ Lofts, York, Design, Haus, Real, Fotografie, Fotografia, Iris, Building

Please also see: ARCHITECTURE AND MANHATTAN BUILDINGS - PART 1 - The Reservoir / Central Park Somewhere in the "photo district" (near Chelsea) View from Avenue A and 12th street roof ConEd Plant / East 14th street View of avenue B from Tompkins Park. Charlie Parker was actually living in this corner building. My friend Stella (owner of Cafe della Pace on 7ht st.) was renting his old apartment (with a great terrace) in the mid-90's. 22nd st / 7th ave. East Houston street East 12th street…

Garrett Campbell
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Please also see: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 "The Cube" / Astor Place Lovers on a rooftop / 11th steet - Ave. A) San Gennaro / Little Italy Snowball fight in Harlem (Amsterdam Ave. / 138th street) After the blizzard / East Village Union Sqaure Times Square Union Square Chinese new year / Chinatown West 42nd street Summertime in Harlem (Amstredam Ave. / 138th st.) Harlem / 125th st. Tompkins Square Park Puertorican Parade / 5th Ave. Washington Square Park Tompkins square park Road work…

Artem Orlov