Pen and ink

Discover the beauty and intricacy of pen and ink drawings. Unlock your creativity and learn techniques to create stunning artwork using pen and ink.
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Melissa B. Tubbs is a pen and ink artist from Alabama specializing in architectural drawings that are, quite frankly, mind-blowing. Each of the following drawings are of New York landmarks and feature amazing line work, shading, and cross-hatching, as well as a great sense of composition.

The International Society of Pen and Ink Artists: Franklin Booth Drawing Tutorials, Franklin Booth, 흑백 그림, Ink Master, Landscape Drawings, Landscape Illustration, Wood Engraving, Ink Illustrations, Pen Art

Along with Vierge and Coll, there was another who's style influenced the pen and ink artists over the coming years - Franklin Booth... his works in many ways bridge the times between the woodblock cutting process and the photoengraving by having a style which reminds one of the former yet was used by the latter... Note the fullness of his renderings, and how he manipulated the sky, teasing so much in cloud forms yet keeping them in the background as he emphasized the elements of the…

Sylvia Gutierrez