Pattern in photography

Explore the mesmerizing world of patterns in photography. Discover inspiring ideas and techniques to capture stunning images that showcase the beauty and intricacy of different patterns.
21 Clever Uses of Geometric Patterns in Photography Urban Photography, Architecture, Salento, Beautiful Stairs, Stairways, Stair Steps, Architecture Photography, Archi, Italia

When I started to put this article together I knew two things were going to dominate the subject matter. Architecture and lighting / shadows. Properly photographed architecture is an art unto itself, doing so that showcases the unique aspects of a building, or portions of a building really takes your breath away. Same thing can be said about light and how shadows have a direct impact on it. Framing these photos it's hard to say if the photographers goal was to showcase geometric patterns as…

Jill Hooley
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Abstract photography is challenging to define. It is taking a subject and forcing the viewer to look at it in a different way. This may cause the subject to lose its original meaning or purpose. The subject could lose all literal meaning and be reduced to only shape, light, texture or color. Photographed items could be objects we use in our daily life. They could also be created entirely for the purpose of art. We've created a complete guide to learn the tricks and insights of abstract…

Leticia Solis