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To some, music is more than a hobby—it's an obsession. Every musician who lived and died for their craft runs the risk of returning as a fiddling bones, as do musicians who died before completing their magnum opus or receiving the accolades they believe they deserved. Driven to prove themselves even in undeath, fiddling bones often challenge famous performers to music duels.

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The aquatic humanoids of the Inner Sea share a somber and burdened history. Most refer to these aquatic peoples as gillmen or sometimes Low Azlanti, though they typically refer to themselves as azarketi, an Azlanti word that translates roughly to “people of the seas.” After Earthfall, these proud humans were mutated into aquatic servants by their alghollthu foes. Feeling like they don't fully belong with their human brethren nor with the sea that binds them, many azarketis struggle for a…

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