Panel knitting machine

Enhance your knitting skills with a panel knitting machine. Discover innovative ideas and techniques to create unique and intricate knit designs for your projects.
Knitting SHORTS tutorial on Sentro/Addi circular knitting Machine using PANELS Shorts, Crochet, Stitch, Videos Tutorial, Shorts Tutorial, Addis, Knit Outfit, Stricken, Pattern

In this tutorial I will show you how you can make shorts on the sentro KNITTING machine 48 needles. You can also be using your Sentro 40 needles or Addi 44! I will guide you step by step and use a stitch that joins both panels together perfectly. I'm using 100 gr of 10 PLY acrylic yarn, listed bellow! ------ Final size ------- 16' wide x 10 1/2' long size M - good for 37 to 39' hips #sentroknittingmachine #knitting #knittedshorts